Perlin K.

Name: Perlin K.

Designation: Geekologist

Based: Boise, Idaho, United States

Hometown: Singapore

Funky “textual” typeset colours and pixellated designs pertaining to gaming and geekiness are what Perlin is good at portraying. She also does make jewelry and accessories out of dice, and not just the conventional six sided dice usually seen around in typical dice games or casinos, but dice used in games such as Dungeons and Dragons, or Changeling, so far ranging from four-sided dice to twenty-sided dice. Twenty-sided dice, or icosahedra, were her obsession for a long time, and still remains so.

Perlin was born on March 16th, in the year 1984, in the tropical island country of Singapore. She completed her tertiary education and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications before securing her first long-term job as a Sales Representative in a small but popular video game store in the heart of town. This was when she was first exposed to the glory that are unconventional dice, as the video game store was right next to a table-top game store.

However, a job could not make way for her yearning to travel, so she quit and flew to the United States where she met several people she had previously met in videogames she played, such as Neverwinter Nights and World of Warcraft. Upon her return, she began work as an Administrative Executive with an Agency under the American International Assurance Co. Ltd. (AIA).

That was when she first started making dice jewelry for herself. On her lunch break one day, she actually BOUGHT a pair of black 12mm casino style six sided dice earrings and wore them all the time, until one day, one of the pair disappeared. Distraught, she tried to make herself a new pair of dice earrings with the simple tools that she had. It was at that point when she realized that she did not have to stick to the conventional dice, but could also use the dice used in many other table top games, the whole deal.

And the rest, we could say, is history.

She has since relocated from Singapore and currently lives in Idaho.

Perlin is just a simple girl in reality. Most people wouldn’t consider her the all-out girly-type person because of the fact that she CAN be extremely loud, and she does not wear much other than a t-shirt of a dark color and jeans, and of course, her insane addiction to games.

She’s a gamer, in and out. Other than that, she’s just a regular girl.

Oh, and she loves to cook too.

If you have a question for Perlin, that is not related to this site, feel free to send her an email! She’s bound to respond some time or another, depending on how busy she is.



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