D20 Purple/Silver Gemini Keyring

May 9, 2009

D20 Purple/Silver Gemini Keyring

This keyring is from a collection I have up for sale and was made from a single standard-sized pearlescent Purple/Silver Gemini twenty-sided dice with white numbers. Although the picture does not really do the dice justice, the purple and silver marbling contrast yet so perfectly complement each other

This may not really look like much, but it is quite possibly the perfect accessory for the guy (or girl!) geek who wants to make his (or her!) geek statement, but also make it subtle.

Dice: D20 Purple/Silver Gemini (white numbers)
Ring: Steel large link chain keyring
Price: $8.90 USD

All prices are not inclusive of shipping.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in this item, or send us an email.



  1. I would love to own this!

  2. I would like to buy this key ring.

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