Fortune Cookie Mini Plushie

March 12, 2010

Fortune Cookie Mini Plushie
Fortune Cookie Plushie

All hand-stitched and hand-stuffed, this fortune cookie is made entirely out of eco-friendly felt and stuffed with poly-fil. Includes a little felt strip of “paper” with a heart sticking out. Both heart and “paper” also made out of felt.

We can attach an elastic gold-toned cord for use as a Christmas decoration or as a rear-view mirror hanging, or attach ribbon for the same purpose. We can also add a keychain if you wish to use it as one. Cord or keychain attachments are an additional $0.70 extra.

Please allow at least one day for completion; all cookies are freshly made when you order them.

Price: $3.99 $2.90!

All prices are not inclusive of shipping.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in this item, or send us an email.


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