To contact us, please leave a comment here.

We take all feedback seriously, so please leave constructive comments, or even testimonials. Flames or trolling comments will be screened and subsequently deleted if words said were deemed unnecessarily harsh, or unnecessary at all.

If you are leaving a testimonial for us, please leave your name, what country and city you are from and also include a link to the item you purchased or received. Include an action shot too, if you would like! We love to see our customers enjoying their purchases.

Alternatively, you may contact us via email instead.

Questions in regards to the shop:

Questions in regards to our services, or if you want to send us suggestions:

If you wish to chat “live” with a representative, add us on Google Chat at:
(subject to availability)

If you wish to speak to Perlin personally, you may email her at:

You may also text us or leave us a voice message at:
+1 (949) 354-GEEK
+1 (949) 354-4335

Also visit us on Facebook!

Thank you for your support!


One comment

  1. I totally <3 the purple D20 necklace. I got compliments on it the first day I wore it. :D

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