First of all, thank you for visiting. Unfortunately, due to real life, we will be CLOSED INDEFINITELY, but we will be back as soon as we get back on our feet, hopefully before too long.


Update FEB 2:

A very, very happy Lunar New Year to all our fans and friends! Come celebrate with us! Our Fortune Cookie mini plushies are a dollar off! Hurry, supplies do not last forever, and nor will this price. ;)



Update OCT 30:

In conjunction with our 2ND ANNIVERSARY come November 27th, a percentage of all proceeds from purchases made until then will go towards a care package for the troops in either Iraq or Afghanistan for Christmas, so shop away!


Update OCT 08 10:

WE ARE BACK, BABY!! And of course, as per usual, we are contactable via email, or voicemail and text to (949) 354-GEEK!

To those of you who have expressed interest in what we have in stock while we were away, we will look into it on Monday, as Perlin’s still extremely jetlagged. Hope you’re still out there!


Update AUG 06 10:

The store will be closed from August 25th onwards until further notice due to unforeseen personal circumstances. We will still be contactable as per usual via email, or voicemail and text to (949) 354-GEEK, but we will not be taking or fulfilling orders then.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to be back as soon as possible!


Update MAY 26 10:

We have the most awesome news ever! If you want to contact us urgently in regards to your purchases or if you would like to just let us know how we did but cannot get to a computer with an Internet connection, fret no longer! We can now be contacted via PHONE!

Feel free to send us a text message or leave us a voice message at (949) 354-GEEK! We would absolutely love to hear from you.

A reminder to our friends overseas, remember to add +1 in front! :D


Update AUG 28 09:

Yes, we’re getting more and more updates. But that’s a good thing! One or two things needs to be changed with the virtual inventory, but they are minor changes, so feel free to browse either way.

We are getting our new Facebook page prepared, so watch out for that. We also have a lot more dice stock coming in, so be prepared for more stuff to choose from. Believe me, we know it isn’t easy. Perlin actually takes a lot of time to hand-select all the dice she uses in her jewelry. ;)

As things seem, however, all mini-d20 necklaces that had the little glove clasps will be out of stock indefinitely. We apologise, we really liked those too, but the manufacturer seems to have stopped production of those little things.

The store will be closed between September 3rd and 7th while Perlin will be away in Seattle attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) that weekend, and possibly some sightseeing, but that is yet to be determined. Any orders placed will be physically processed upon her return. If you still have burning questions to ask her (such as her favourite colour, haha), she will still have limited access to the Interwebs, so do not worry! She will still be able to answer them, or confirm / decline orders.

Happy shopping!


Update MAY 05 09:

I would first off like to apologise for my long absence from updating the website. It has been a very tough time for us, with a wedding and reception to plan and otherwise, but rest assured we have some new stuff coming up, as soon as the photographs have been taken and processed. Candy-coloured ear studs and various others coming soon!

Also, good news for customers who do not have pierced ears; we have some (very limited) clip-on earloops that can replace any of the existing earrings (except studs) still on sale. Just let us know if you would like to have them switched! There will be no extra charges for replacement of this nature.


Update APR 27 09:

IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! ALL MINI-D20 NECKLACES (with the silver glove clasps) ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Sorry about the inconvenience, or if we have caused any disappointment. Rest assured we are trying very hard to obtain more stock. We like those necklaces as much as you do, really!

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