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D20 Smoke Borealis 2 Earrings

June 5, 2010

D20 Smoke Borealis Earrings

D20 Smoke Borealis 2 Earrings

This particular pair of earrings are a custom order. The client specifically wanted a pair of black earrings that would match an outfit that she wanted to wear, so I attached the dice with dark metal and the results were to her approval.

This was made from a pair of dual colored, standard-sized shimmering Smoke Borealis 2 twenty-sided dice with silver numbers. Although the picture does not really do the dice justice, light reflects off the iridescent flecks within the dark, smoky dice, and beautiful colours not normally seen in dice or even glitter dice can be seen. Absolutely beautiful.

Dice: D20 Smoke Borealis 2 (silver numbers)
Hooks: Gunmetal steel
Price: – Custom Order –


D6 Clear Smoke Earrings

April 4, 2009

D6 Clear Smoke Earrings

This pair of earrings are from a collection I have up for sale and were made from a pair of crystal clear Transparent Smoke 12mm six-sided dice. The clear colour of the dice sparkle almost like real crystal when caught in the light. Know the song Smoke on The Water? That’s what these remind me of.

Dice: 12mm D6 Clear Smoke (white pips) x2
Hooks: Stainless steel
Price: $10.90 USD

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